The window of the city

Case classification: Furniture fabric
City Windows: Citys window furniture group is formerly a large comprehensive furniture manufacturing and brand-name furniture dealers. Resources in order to make full use of their own advantages, the company in early 2002, the implementation of the new de
Case details

City Windows:

City's window furniture group is formerly a large comprehensive furniture manufacturing and brand-name furniture dealers. Resources in order to make full use of their own advantages, the company in early 2002, the implementation of the new development strategy, in known as "capital of Chinese furniture" title of houjie town, dongguan city, guangdong province town building furniture manufacturing enterprise, the window of the city furniture co., LTD. At present, the group has set up four factories in dongguan, wenzhou, a major export products processing base (OEM), 5 with a total area of 6000 square meters of retail stores and major cities in China set up the self-supporting chain store, join in China more than 1000 business, both at home and abroad customers all over the world, products are exported to Saudi Arabia, Australia, Italy, Britain, Japan, Mexico, the United States, bahrain, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

Creative description of the booth:

Combined with the customized brand image and product features of the city's Windows, the design and construction mainly focus on the simplicity and atmosphere, and then match the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns to set off a comfortable booth atmosphere and attract people's attention.

Applicable industries:

Suitable for home appliances, medicine, gifts, furniture, electronics and other industries, change display props can be used in more areas.

Introduction to the original exhibition:

On the shenzhen exhibition design company, the former exhibition engineering co., LTD. Is a company committed to the domestic and international exhibition booth, city hall, commercial Spaces, museums, science and technology museum and cultural center of booth design services company.

Started from the factory on the original, after fifteen years of space in the overall planning, design and engineering construction, and to provide exhibition home to undertake, the brand image planning service comprehensive brand development and precipitation, ushered in the original master cheng yen's second startup, since its inception, with professional skills, rich experience and keen sense of touch to the market and deep understanding of customer needs, we offer many famous enterprises from different industries, professional services, has won the high praise in the industry.

On the original brand comes from professional, in today's shenzhen exhibition company, the original on the exhibition have large structures, experienced, quality high efficiency of large-scale professional production factory, formed by a professional college graduates, the pursuit of innovation team of designers, and positive responsible, enthusiastic service business team, formed from the original design to the building ground the complete industrial chain. Our core services is through the way of international design and brand management, help more enterprise internationalization of external brand image, establish own humanities style, and convey the enterprise culture.

The original people of faith professional strength, with creative design and efficient structures, help customers to reduce business operating costs, the depth to the value of commercial space design, makes our clients achieve their business objectives; We adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, prosperity and prosperity". We rely on the perfect management system and quality assurance system to pursue the excellence and perfection of our works, and achieve a long and stable cooperation relationship with our customers.

Development history of the original exhibition:

2003 - the former factory was established in guangzhou, specializing in the production and construction of exhibitions and exhibitions.

In 2005-2008 - the original factory in shenzhen branch was established, and east China, north China factory form strategic cooperative relations, to further expand the supplier channels, exhibition structures, business development to east China, north China region.

2010 - passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certificate, and became the recommended builder of guangzhou/shenzhen/dongguan international furniture exhibition and guangzhou fair.

2012-2014 - from the extensive system of factory to brand + Internet thinking of modern company management mode, the original here with a new attitude to professionalize the brand construction, strengthen the system to become China's exhibition industry on the most influential professional companies.

Since 2016, ERP management system has been implemented, which has played a positive role in process, quality, internal management and cost control. It has become a recommended builder for shenzhen hi-tech fair and shenzhen optoelectronics exhibition.